hi, i'm Bunglepaws (they/she). antifascist.

i work with blender, unity and python for fun.

my main fursonas are a braixen and a lopunny.

neon colors are great, last year's halloween never ended and furry art is the future.

welcome to my website.


Shrine of Mewtwo [new!] - a WebGL-based shrine to the best cat. Work in progress. Multiplayer!

Game Dev Gallery - Unity game dev screenshots.

Radio New Vegas GPT - an internet radio station controlled by AI.

The Confession Hotline - got something to confess?

Ideas Map - knowledge map of various ideas I've had, written down, and probably forgot about.

Site updates

10/12/2022 - updated the banner and made it work better on mobile.

9/29/2022 - added a blog section and the Random Bullshit Marquee.

8/22/2022 - new layout, neon/retro style. decided on an easier font to read for the paragraphs/headers.

8/13/2022 - fixed a number of bugs with Radio New Vegas GPT and brought it back online after almost a month of silence.

5/22/2022 - added code from Not Bionic Reading to format the text on each page, making it easier for some people to read.

5/16/2022 - keep having to reboot Mr. New Vegas after an update. slowly working out the bugs...

5/05/2022 - finally added a song suggestion box for Radio New Vegas GPT.

4/27/2022 - add this site updates section.

4/26/2022 - add background animation and remove parallaxing borders.