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Radio New Vegas GPT-3

an internet radio station controlled by AI.

based on the station, radio new vegas, from the game fallout: new vegas. specifically, radio new vegas has an AI radio host, so i figured i could do the same.

different music, though. click below to listen:

(Buffering, wait a moment.)

technical stuff

this was a lot more work than it needed to be because i wanted an actual AI radio host to control/voice it. not just pre-written lines.

i'm using gpt-3 to generate the dialogue based on the original transcript from mr. new vegas, and xVA Synth to generate the audio for his voice.

the explaination in the link above was one day into development. since then i've removed my desktop and GPU from the equation. now it's being hosted on a $20 vps and can generate new audio on its own cpu, and the playlist is in. though i'm occasionally fixing bugs and pronounciation errors, it pretty much runs by itself now. the audio and gpt-3 requests get cached (gpt-3 burns money like a fossil fuel to run) and over time the cache clears old dialogue to generate new content.

eventually i'll figure out how to automatically accept song requests (after a lot of input sanitization and content filtering) but for now, the playlist needs to be edited manually.

there's only like 40 songs so if you have any suggestions send me a message either here through neocities, or the old fashioned way. if you'd like to send me a dmca takedown notice please don't.